How is the tech sector doing on improving employee wellbeing?

Improving mental health in the workplace is a top priority for many organisations, especially in the wake of Covid-19. The pandemic has had a major effect on our wellbeing, both at home and in the workplace.  


In fact, a study has found that around 40% of workers worldwide have experienced issues with their mental health since the pandemic began. And in the UK, this jumped to nearly 80% according to research in 2021 


But what’s the situation like in tech, and what is the sector doing to combat workplace mental health issues?  


Even before the pandemic, it was found that tech workers were around five times more likely to experience mental health problems than the wider population.  

Post-Covid, around 44% of IT professionals reported wellbeing concerns, and 30% of tech workers called for leaders to provide more mental health support.  


Positive change is underway 


A new article published in Business Leader looked at how UK tech is leading the way in improving employee wellbeing. It covers a number of initiatives happening within UK initiatives, from major policy changes to the rollout of 24/7 wellbeing services for workers.  


Digital health apps 


One example is at business applications specialist SAP, where the company has teamed up with digital health app Peppy.  HR Director Jasmin Mantel explained: 


“We have a number of programmes in place designed to support employee health and wellbeing in the workplace. For example, we have also tailored our approach to health and wellbeing by partnering with Peppy to make it quick, easy and free for our employees to access expert support in areas such as early parenthood, menopause, fertility and men’s health.” 


Adopting new frameworks for managing mental health 


Over at talent management consultancy Grayce, HR Director Gemma Collins explains how the organisation has adopted the Mental Health at Work Commitment framework. She told Business Leader: 


It builds on existing pledges and standards, which underpin a roadmap to achieving better mental health outcomes for those in work. By providing a safe place for employees to be their authentic selves and gain access to our 24/7 wellbeing services, we can ensure that our business is leading the way in implementing positive mental health standards.” 


Healthier ways of working 


In a brilliant tech-specific example of positive policies in action, VMware Tanzu Labs is introducing collaborative development processes. The aim is to prevent developers, who often work independently, from becoming too isolated.  


There’s also the issue of too much contact with other people, as Genesys VP EJ Cay explains: 

“Those working in customer service are often speaking with people when they’re at their most frustrated or vulnerable. This stress can then take its toll on everyday life, causing a multitude of issues. 


“For employers looking to help reduce stress on their contact centre employees, consider more regular check-ins, listen to the agents and create space for them to share. 


“With hybrid working here to stay, encourage agents to also schedule peer-to-peer calls, so they continue to feel part of the team in an increasingly unconnected world.” 


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