Crypto firms looking for leaders to help them ‘scale up’

Recruitment activity for cryptocurrency roles has been frenzied throughout 2021, with the number of advertised job vacancies across the sector shooting up by over 115% compared to the same period in 2020. It truly is a candidates’ market, so if you have the skills that crypto employers are looking for, it seems you can take your pick of roles.


And as the crypto hiring boom continues, companies are reporting that they’re in desperate need of leadership talent to help them keep up with the incredible growth rate within the industry.


According to executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles, the most in-demand crypto roles right now are across legal, engineering and finance, along with leadership in corporate development and go-to-market.


Speaking to cointelegraph.com, partner David Richardson explained:


“It’s all driven by the growth rate of these firms and hiring leaders that can help them continue to scale and continue to keep pace with the growth rate in the business,”


Employers are pulling out all the stops to battle their competitors for the best leadership talent. This includes incentives such as flexible working (as many crypto firms have reduced or abandoned their permanent headquarters) as well as high salary compensation and other long-term incentives.


Experience of scaling up essential


Crypto firms are urgently seeking people who have a successful track record of scaling up businesses. This transferable experience is valued far more than technical skills, or even prior knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain.


Companies are also looking for so-called ‘soft skills’, such as adaptability, problem-solving and communication. One additional and rather interesting criteria mentioned to talent recruitment firms by employers is ‘low-ego’.


Why are crypto firms scaling up now?


Even though the market has exploded over the last couple of years, crypto is still a relatively new industry. The startups that pioneered the crypto movement began with a core team of tech experts. But just like any brand new business, these startups now face a number of new challenges as they grow.


They start to require legal and compliance professionals, especially as they move into new geographical territories where the regulatory landscape tends to differ. The pandemic and rise in flexible working has only accelerated this need for legal and regulatory expertise, where companies are spread across the globe.


Also on the list of ‘must-haves’ in order for a crypto startup to scale up are general managers, sales professionals and financial experts.


With so many crypto leaders hitting the same point of growth at the same time, its unsurprising that leadership talent is so in demand – across a number of different business areas.


Do you need crypto leadership talent?


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