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We’ll help you future proof your business by focusing on what really matters: people.

About Us


People like working with us. It’s simple really – we treat everyone with respect, we’re transparent and we don’t act like a recruitment machine.

We’re not a generalist recruitment agency, we dig much deeper than that. We are a group of industry experts, who have real world experience in the sectors we recruit. From Crypto Recruitment, Sales Recruitment, Fintech recruitment and Tech recruitment, we know and can find top talent and yes, we are market specialists. But the most important thing to consider, whether you’re hiring or searching, is to ensure that your goals and expectations align with each other. That’s where we step in…

It’s our mission to show each one of our clients and candidates the sheer power of properly considered recruitment and its ability to make a hugely positive impact on their lives, workplaces and businesses.

Why Us


Our aim is to become a recruitment agency who are globally recognised and respected for how we treat people, how we deliver our services and for our work towards improving diversity within the Crypto, Sales, Financial, Technology and FinTech sectors. We currently operate globally, with further office expansion planned for 2022.

We know what the pain points can be with recruitment and we can remove them. Technology is making the world smaller – but we find the right people to solve the challenges and problems this may bring. We look harder, further and more laterally than anyone else, because we understand that talent isn’t just about a skill set or a product – it’s about the person and what value they can add. Yes, a search has to be targeted, but it also needs to be exhaustive, thorough and broad. We do this without fail every time and find people others can’t.

Our company ethos is to bring the human touch to recruitment and to always be nice.

Our mission is to:

  • bring brilliant, relevant people into your organisation;
  • mean what we say and act on it;
  • be decent humans and always do the right thing;
  • treat our team, clients and candidates with consideration and respect, and only work with people and businesses who hold those same values;
  • promote transparency;
  • add value at every step;
  • consistently check-in with you and have fun;
  • to ensure clarity around expectations and what can / cannot be achieved;
  • challenge red flags and grey areas;
  • ensure that we deliver a partnership that’s tailor-made to each individual client/candidate and to never treat you like a transaction;
  • work hard to help improve equality and diversity within businesses;
  • be the global, go-to agency for what we do – and we won’t rest until we achieve this.

We know we’re not perfect, but we’re voracious learners and strive to improve each day. We love what we do and believe wholeheartedly in our approach.



We only partner with companies that care about their people. After all, your customers won’t love your company until your employees love it first! We aren’t afraid to challenge our clients and always do what’s right for all involved.

We’re increasingly powering our decisions through data (and have partnerships with data vendors), which allows us to highlight to our clients the less obvious choices that they have when considering their next hire. Untapped talent pools and left field choices that we can see aren’t so much left as just right!

We also work hard to redress the balance in diversity and equality within Financial and FinTech and are proud to have achieved considerable success in doing so:

  • across 2020 34.2% of our placements were female, with women accounting for 60% of our placements in the final 6 months of the year;
  • in 2020 we made the decision to part ways with a client as a direct result of their gender pay gap increasing, with no active interest by the firm to address the issue for 2020;
  • we only represent female MD’s for positions where women were either very under-represented or not represented at all;
  • in 2020 34.2% of our hires were of minority ethnic backgrounds.

We see a diverse workforce as a business necessity. According to McKinsey & Company research, diverse companies are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians than non diverse companies, and in the UK, for every 10% increase in gender diversity, EBIT rose by 3.5%.

We’re committed to helping businesses make a long-term impact through Sales recruitment, Fintech recruitment and Tech recruitment, promoting equality and fostering a culture of inclusiveness that starts at the top.

50% of our placements were female in 2019

Our Services


We’re future proofing ourselves and our client’s businesses. Technology is changing businesses and it’s crucial that companies learn to adapt to challenging circumstances. We partner exclusively with clients who look to the future. Together, we hire the right fit for the business holistically, not just the job spec and immediate need. 

Our focus is on Crypto/Blockchain, Sales, FinTech, Capital Markets, Data and exciting Technology (non-Financial Services) firms. We seek brilliant and skilled candidates who are the perfect fit for the companies we place them at – regardless of whether they have direct sector experience. Whilst sector-specific knowledge shouldn’t be underestimated, thinking outside the box pays off. Hiring an ‘outsider’ can be a powerful way to avoid stagnating, whilst bringing new thinking and a competitive edge to your business.

But we don’t just find candidates for clients. We challenge the status quo that our clients think they need in order to find and retain talent truly suited to their business.  To do this we offer a veritable smorgasbord of services that compliment your recruitment efforts, including:

  • Exhaustive talent search, contingent and executive (Sales Recruitment, Fintech Recruitment, Tech Recruitment)
  • Market intelligence
  • Statistics and data analysis (particularly around gender)
  • Emergent trends and businesses
  • Market mapping
  • Innovation reports
  • Competitor analysis, salary and package information
  • New team structuring strategy and consultancy
  • Extensive screening initiatives including ‘meet, test and decide’ sessions with shortlisted candidates

To refer a candidate and/or client email:


We actively welcome referrals of active or passive candidates. Whether you know a brilliant potential candidate that we can help find that perfect role, or perhaps your friend runs or works for a company that you think would enjoy working with us - get in touch.

If you refer to a candidate not currently on our books and we successfully place them, or if you refer to us a brand new client and we sign terms with them, we’ll give you a financial reward to say thank you.