A beginner’s guide to using Discord for your crypto research

A beginner’s guide to using Discord for your crypto research


If you work in the cryptocurrency industry and need to keep up with the latest projects and news, Discord could be the ideal platform to use. Potential investors also use the chat and messaging app to research currencies and projects, speaking to project leaders and sounding out the crypto community before investing.


But where do you start with Discord? It’s not quite like other platforms, as it has its own language and the heavy volume of messaging flowing through the app can be intimidating to newcomers.

Let’s take a look at some of the key things you need to know, in order to get the most from using Discord for crypto research.


Servers and channels


If you’re completely new to Discord, you might be a little thrown by some of the terminology used. The two key terms you need to know are: servers, and channels.


A server is used to describe a particular community on Discord, like a group. Anyone can start their own server, and it can be as big or small as you like. So, you can start a server for a small group of like-minded people, or you can expand the server out to a wider community – for example, crypto investors interested in a major new project.


Channels are the subdivisions of servers. So, if you want to create a kind of chatroom for discussion a specific topic or project, such as development announcements for example, you can create a channel for it within a server.


How to find the right channels for you


As we’ve mentioned, the chatter on Discord is huge. There are countless servers and channels to choose from, so how do you narrow it down and find the discussions you’re interested in?

The best place to start is on official channels related to prominent, high-profile cryptocurrencies. Make sure you check these out carefully though, as anyone can start a channel or server – so you need to make sure it’s legit.  You can find some of these channels on message board apps such as Reddit and from there, find specific channels that suits your needs and interests.


Protecting yourself from scammers on Discord


One of the major downsides of using Discord for crypto research is scammers. As you’d expect, they flock to platforms such as this – in the hope of scamming investors out of their money.

But by taking a few simple security measures, you should be able to steer clear while chatting on Discord. For example:



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